I’ve decided that it’s time to change the name of my company. If you have been following me, you know that I operated under “The Bam House” for about 5 years now. It stood for my name – Becca Alyse Mendez and I wanted it to be a blog mainly about fixing up the house we had just bought. Come to find out, a) we kind of suck at the whole DIY thing and b) having 2 kids doesn’t leave us much time to do breath much less work on the house. It was an idea that was romanticized beyond our means and time. With that being said, I still do design work professionally and want to continue to do design work so I figured I needed to be a little bit more professional sounding. I was taking a call for a marketing opportunity and the salesman asked, “The Bam House, we’re sticking with that huh?” and it made me take a step back and think maybe it doesn’t work as a professional design studio. It was a great name to chronicle our DIY efforts (or lack thereof), but I needed something more grown up. So here we are – Becca Mendez Interiors. Boring, but sturdy. Trite, but professional. What do you think?

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